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    Cannot get mapID's to work with bookmarked topics.

    IainCliffe Level 1

      I'm struggling to launch a sub-topic (bookmark) from the application.


      I have imported the map file, unlocked and mapped to the correct bookmarked topic. I have checked the HHP, ALI and map file and everything looks as it should but it will not work when invoked from the application (HtmlHelp(NULL, pathname, HH_HELP_CONTEXT, topic);).


      If I change the mapped topic to be an HTM file (fred.htm) rather than a bookmark (fred.htm#bob) then it works.


      I read an old article that said that bookmarks that were used in the map must be in topics in the root directory (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/134/rb_13418.html) but trying this made no difference.


      I've also tried mapping to a bookmark that was actually part of the TOC (not sure if this needs to be the case) but that also made no difference.


      I can tell from debug that the application is correctly launching the help file with the correct topic number which is identical to the one used in the mapping.


      Can't now understand what is causing the problem or even if you can launch HTMLhelp  on a bookmark ?


      Any help or ideas ??