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    AIR2 questions


      Hi folks,


      I'm doing some research for some upcoming projects on which I am considering using AIR2, but I'm having trouble finding some of the answers.  I'm hoping someone from Adobe can point me in the right direction...


      -         I can see that an AIR 2 app will be able to listen for volume mounting and unmounting events, but will it be able to trigger a mounting itself? Further to that, do you anticipate that it could mount a network drive? (I’m thinking to mount a samba share by URL: smb://user:password@server)

      -         If it can’t mount it itself, can it communicate directly with the OS to do that, or will we have to have some sort of native process running as a middle layer?

      -         I’ve seen a few references to the fact that to use native processes, the AIR app has to be deployed as a native app.  In that case, could we still have an app that’s deployed online using a badge? 


      Thanks for your help!