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    Audio Problems in Presenter


      I have created a course using Adobe Presenter.  It is not a really large course but it does have recordings. My narrator is located in Boston and I am in Atlanta (not sure if that has anything to do with it). I am using a DynaMetric Telephone Transmit Patch (TMP636s) and have adjusted the volume settings per the set instructions. My problem is the volume on the presentation.  On almost every screen the audio starts out low and proceeds to increase as the speaker talks. (with each screen we performed the initial volume test, getting the green light each time). I don’t notice the difference in the volume until I listen to the recordings. 

      Audio track.jpg

      After a few minutes of recording, a warning is displayed cautioning the speaker,



      I have used the “Normalize” Audio Processing option to adjust the recordings but sometimes that does not help the volume a great deal.  I have also noticed some “cracking” of the voice. (I don’t adjust the volume in the middle of a sentence so I know it’s not something I adjusted).


      The narrator has used several different headsets in this process.  I have used the same DynMetric for another course, and did not have any problems.  The narrator for that course used a cordless phone.  Any suggestions and possibly what my problem might be?