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    Problems when importing multiple files into key frames


      I'm creating an interactive flash application that uses hundreds of individual renders from a 3d modelling app.  The image file size is 800 x 600.  Each sequence that i import to the stage is around 120 images and each gets put into a separate key frame.  The problem is, often when I import batches of files into flash the program crashes and stops responding. The problem gets worse after each succesful import ie. after importing the first lot of files, its unlikely that the second lot of files will import.


      Interestingly, I dont have this problem on my pc.  So I can  do all the importing on my pc, but when I try and compile the swf file my pc does not create a file and sometimes crashes.  So I am having to import on my pc and compile the swf on my mac.


      Anyone else having similar problems? is there a better way of going about this?