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    DW CS3 Check Spelling Issue

    Jeff Coney

      Back ground: I have a long IT career but have never really done any web dev before.  This is my first real stab at building a website so this may be a 101 coding error but I had a heck of a time figuring it out so I thought I'd share incase another newbie had a similar issue.


      After creating 1,164+ pages for my website, which has not yet been uploaded, I was doing a round of pre-upload spelling, code validations and link checks but could not get check spelling to work, no matter what I did it just wouldn’t highlight on the text dropdown menu nor could I use the keyboard short cut to initiate it. The pages were saved as .htm which is functionally the same as .html. I tried saving a test page as .html but is made no difference.


      All other fesatures worked and the code was recognised, previewing in a browser was fine, no problems there but I still couldn't check spelling in DW CS3.


      I knew it would be something stupid on my part… well I was right.  This must have happened when setting up the first page for the site, and was experimenting until I got it to look right and feel that way I wanted, I saved it and have used it at the ‘authoritative source’ or ‘template’ for all pages created.  First I created the template from it I created a template for each of the major sections of the site.  From them I have created all 1,164+ pages to date...


      I’ve sent this problem to every webhead that I know … I’ve even took it to work and had a couple guys there look at it.  No one had any idea, I think it’s because it was so simple everyone had looked right past it. I finally did a bit-by-bit comparison with another test site that spl chk worked on and even then I missed it because I was ignoring the automatically generated stuff up at the top.


      At the very top of the code:

      <!DOCTYPE htmPUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"



      It is supposed to be:

      <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"


      <html lang="en">


      At the bottom of the code:



      It is supposed to be:



      Even though you can save this page as a ‘.htm’ file, the HTML notations have to be included.   Take them out and guess what:  ‘check spelling’ disappears. Why spelling does that but everything else still works… who knows, but it does!


      I’ve already made the correction to all pages.  Now I can forgo checking all 1,164 pages by hand (or cut-n-past into word) and now I can get the spelling, validation and link checks done so I can do the initial upload for this site.


      (I really wish you could check all "text" spelling for the site and spelling corrections as you type were offered... I did put in a request)



      So WOOO HOO!