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    Positioning a division??


      hi..I created a new page to have a form on it. I'm new to html and Dreamweaver, if it doesn't look like I new what I'm doing I don't. I wasn't sure which layout would work best so I chose 2 column elastic, left sidebar, header & footer. I wanted some text to be to the left of the form. I pasted the text in the left divsion and pushed my right division directly underneath or bottom of my left sidebar.  I've started working on the form but I can't figure out how to move it back up, so it's to the right of my text which is in the left side bar. I've tried making a style for the form and in the box category tried floating right, clear left, but this hasn't worked. I tried making the from really small, thinking it was too big to fit next to the leftside text. This hasn't helped. The float right, clear left moved my form way to the right but sill underneath the leftside text division. If anyone can help, I'm lost???