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    Announcing: BlogRadio, a Flex 4 App - Get the Adobe Pack Now




      I'd like to introduce to you my Flex 4 app that I've been working on for about a year now: BlogRadio.

      BlogRadio is simple: we allow anyone to *listen* to their favorite blogs. We have a Text-to-Speech engine that converts the text of RSS feeds to a natural voice. If the RSS feed contains any images, then we’ll convert the images to video and stream the combined media to the user wherever they are.

      We created this app using Flash Builder 4 beta, and Flash Catalyst.

      We've worked out a deal with Adobe, so that anyone who downloads the AIR application by 3/31 will automatically subscribed to the "Adobe Pack" of blogs (Christophe Coenraets, James Ward, Ryan Stewart, and a whole bunch of others).

      For kicks and giggles, I also made the app automatically read the latest BlogRadio tweet from twitter (which turns out to be a handy way to broadcast a quick message to everyone).

      Feel free to download the app from our website, and of course submit your feedback on new features.



      Bruce Hopkins