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    Absolute placement of text relative to a background


      I'm new here, so I hope I phrased my question correctly.


      I'm on a Mac, using Firefox and Safari.


      Using a background which has a feint lined notebook image, with a ruled margin,

      and want to place text on the lines, so they don't move. Its a kind of written

      report/notebook style page.


      So I tried a trick I found on Google - using CSS, which puts the background

      image off the page, and then places text on it thru html, etc.


      The initial problem with the background is that it resizes as  the screen/window

      resizes, leaving the text off the lines. Also, it don't work with IE.


      So I tried to fix the background at letter size, and fix the text as I wanted it, in

      Word, then convert to html. Text position is not maintained accurately enough

      when converting from Word to html.


      Now I'm wondering if I can create an image (e.g. jpg) of the Word file (using

      the background page with the text on it, and just put this up as an image

      on the landing page.


      Is there any way to do this in DW? Or am I off the track here with what I'm

      trying to acheive?