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    Update all links at once?


      I have been having problems with broken links.  Others in the forum thought it was due to too many blank spaces in folder/file names.  I am in the process of removing the blank spaces by renaming the folders/files.  Each time I rename something DW CS4 ask if I want to update all links.  I say "update" this is taking FOREVER and I have tons left to do. .


      Is there a way that I can say "don't update", change all file/folder names and THEN tell DW to update all links so I only have to go thru the update once?

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          Robert Heist II Level 3

          The short answer is no.  Since you are making multiple changes, DW needs to update after each change and it has no way to remember each change afterwards to do some final update of multiple changes.  You either do the update when each change is made, or you don't get to update.


          Now, you can remember all the changes  you do and do a site-wide find and replace on your own afterwards.  You will have to remember each change though, and do a find and replace for every one.

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            Chelmich Level 1

            That is NOT what I wanted to hear but oh well, so is life.

            Thanks for the quick reply.  I guess I will go back to what I was doing now!