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    Undo a template

    Horsemad Gilly

      Hi I am wanting to undo a template and understand that if I went to the Edit and then the option Undo Template.  Only problem is in my Dreamweaver CS4 there is no option under Edit? to Undo Template,  anyone knows where it is or should I just delete the template areas?

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          Horsemad Gilly Level 1

          Just answered my own question, if anyone is interested it is now under Modify -

          Templates - Remove Template Mark up,

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            I just wanted to add a note to your post. Yesterday, I needed to remove the markup from a template or delete it and create a new template. I was unable to do so because "remove template markup" was grayed out. I received the following helpful answer from Robert Heist II. It worked for my issue and it may help anyone who encounters a similar problem:

            "All you need to do is detach the index.html file from the template.  Then you
            can delete the template and start all over.

            Go to the Modify menu --> Templates --> Detach from Template"