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    Free and Multiconferencing


      Now, Adobe Stratus Beta 2 is free. You can get a developer Key with a simply registration, and then you can start to develop your own applications in Flash/Flex using this service for videoconferencing between Flash clients... but... What will happen in the future?


      Stratus will be integrated with next FMS generation?

      This service (Stratus) will continue in the future?

      Stratus will continue being free? Or we will need to pay a fee or a new key?


      If I develop a video-conferencing application using Stratus,... I will have any problem with these topics?


      In the other hand... Stratus supports multi-videoconferencing?


      Thanks a lot!

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          rajdeeprath Level 1

          I have pretty much the same question. I will appreciate if adobe can answer this. - " can i build a website on top of stratus and hope that stratus wont be taken down by adobe tomorrow ?"

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            Chicohuman Level 1

            I`d say be ready to pay a few thousands at anytime, it will never stay free.


            While a lot of people start using Stratus, and as long as it grows, they will keep it free.


            Adobe will  take advantage of that at the right time, sooner or later.

            When there will be a lot of people depending on Stratus, they will release the real version for big bucks (be it FMS or whatever).


            A company has to do what it has to do, but I will be ready to pay the few thousands for it.


            If Micheal could give us an approximation about how long the beta will last, it would be very nice.

            Actually, if you give us that approx. Micheal, people will start saving and the sales will go up!