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    Problem adding a Polygon Annotation with VB.Net (JSObject)


      I have been able to create a variety of annotations (Text, FreeText, Line, Arrow, Square, Circle, a few more) using VB.Net.

      I haven't had too many issues.


      However, I ran into a big one. Here is my sample code:


      'Create the Annotation



      Dim objAnnotation As Object = objJSObject.addAnnot()




      Dim objAnnotationProperties As Object = objAnnotation.getProps()

      objAnnotationProperties.type =






      Dim objVertices As Object

      objVertices =

      New Object() {}


      ReDim objVertices(3)

      objVertices(0) =

      New Double() {10, 10}

      objVertices(1) =

      New Double() {20, 10}

      objVertices(2) =

      New Double() {20, 20}

      objVertices(3) =

      New Double() {40, 5}


      'Set the Properties now that the type is defined

      objAnnotationProperties = objAnnotation.getProps()



      With objAnnotationProperties

           .author = "Eric"

           .vertices = objVertices




      End With



      I know I initialized the Object Array in a wierd way. I have my reasons.

      Don't get too hung up on the array itself because the problem that I am having is that the "vertices" member does not exist.

      I get the same error with ANY annotation that includes a "vertices" member.


      Error: Public member 'vertices' on type '_ComObject' not found.