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    mov import fails after updating from version 4 to 4.2.1

    Kriskind Level 1

      Okay, here's the story:

      I've got 2 Computers - my AVID System and my new Premiere Pro System (that I hate already!)


      I exported 2 QT file from AVID Express.

      1. a QT .mov file with avid dv codec

      2. a QT .mov file animation uncompressed


      I Installed QT PLAYER and the AVID Codecs on my new PP Computer and tried to import both files into PP CS4 (Vers. 4.2.1)


      Both files were imported, Audio was okay, but video appeard black.


      I deinstalled PP and installed version 4.0 from the original DVDs. I imported the videos again and:

      Video 1 (AVID codec) imported fine and video was there!

      Video 2 QT uncompressed didn't import! Still Audio but a black video!


      Then I updated to PP 4.2.1 and now both videos have the same problem again. Just sound and a black video...


      I need at least to be able to open an uncomressed QT .mov