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    complex positioning


      let's say that i have apllication with relative layout


      <mx:Application layout="relative">


      now lets say that i wont one of my elements layout to be absolute,  meaning all the element inside it will hade to have x and y which are relative to my element borders (exaclly like position:relative in CSS)

      how does it being done with flex?


      surry for my english and thanks a head!

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          There's no such layout like "relative". There is an "absolute" layout, where you can use relative positioning like: top, bottom, left, right, which are the distance from top, bottom, left or right border like this:


          <mx:Button top="10" left="10"/>


          You can use <mx:Canvas/> which allows absolute positioning (x, y) and allows to use relative styles (top, bottom, left, right), or set Application's layout to "absolute", to position your children.