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      I am new to the video editing world and have a few very basic questions and needs. I'd like to develop and understand some smart workflow standards before spending too much time doing it wrong.


      I have two basic needs:


      Number 1: I am recording video now with a basic Canon mini-camcorder. I can copy all the files off the SC card or internal memory into a folder on one of my hard drives. Each of them can hold around 8 gigs of raw footage. Of those video image clips, I only really want to store and keep about half or a third of the data. On a Canon, the files are in .MOV format. I'd like to cull or clip the raw footage down to just the keeper clips. Someday, I'd like to build a "best of" from the subject, but for now I am just making small clips for the kids for FaceBook using Premiere Elements 8.0.1.


      So, how do you organize daily or weekly new clips, then trim them for long term storage? Is there a tutorial on this subject somewhere?


      Number 2: I have a huge pile of old VHS tapes starting from the mid-80s and going several years, mainly of the kids growing up. I have a huge pile of old Hi-8 tapes and another huge pile of Digital 8 tapes. A while back, I bought an LG brand VHS to DVD machine capable of dubbing the old tapes to DVD. (I have another thread dealing with that on this forum). For now, I am just letting the machine dub a two hour DVD from a two hour VHS tape and I at least get something to view. In the long run, I'd like to get the highlight video clips off the tapes and onto my hard drives in digital format and finally onto DVDs with the "best of" clips into something worthy of viewing. I have one of the old Sony camcorders set up to pass through the VHS data and Digital8/Hi8 data to the computer with the firewire connection.


      Realizing this can be a daunting undertaking, I'd like to get a battle plan on how to handle the process. I am thinking of creating a folder called VideoRaw, then creating a folders inside it called VHS, Hi8, Digital8. Inside each of those, I'd create a new folder for each tape (probably with the year in the folder title) and capture small raw clips off the tape into it. When capturing a clip, I'd name it with something like "1986_Soccer1" and "1986_Puppy1". A few gazillion hours later, I'd have my footage ready to assemble in a Premiere chapter.


      Am I on the right track?


      Thanks in advance,

      M. Jackson

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          I should probably mention that I know I can delete unwanted digital video clips taken with the new Canon camcorder. My kid is doing competitive skiing and we sometimes record another skier by accident. I can just delete that file. On other times, my wife has recorded a large chunk of video of him at the top of the mountain waiting to go down the half pipe. After they call his name, he makes the run, but the video clip of that run might have an extra two minutes of .MOV video I'd like to trim off the clip. I am assuming I could just drag that long clip to the timeline, trim the unwanted part and then re-render the clip as an .AVI file, then delete the long digital .MOV clip? Is there a better way?


          Thanks again,

          M. Jackson

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            What is the CODEC and specs. of those MOV files? If necessary, the great free utility, G-Spot, can tell you. Where I am going with this is the Trimming of your MOV footage, so that you can still edit it, as well as is possible later.


            As for the workflow, I would look into investing in an external HDD. If at all possible, I would go with FireWire-400 at a minimum (not USB). FW-800 would be better, and eSATA, better still. When you do Trim your MOV Clips, you'd Export/Share these to the external, into folders that identify the footage, either by date, subject, etc.


            As stated in the other thread, when doing the digitizing of the older tapes, either an A-D (Analog to Digital) bridge, or with a video camera, with pass through capabilities. When you transfer to DVD-Video, you have compressed that material greatly, and the result will not edit nearly as well as DV-AVI footage from the Capture will.


            As DV-AVI footage takes up ~ 13GB/hour of Duration, you can see that you will need additional storage space, hence the rec. for the external HDD.


            Good luck, and let us know all about those MOV files.



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              Hi Bill,

              I am in good shape with external hard drives with around 13TB of storage currently connected to this machine. I have a bunch more firewire drives in a box on the floor offline. Premiere opens and edits the Canon .MOV files (frustrating they'd create an oddball file format as the default video format) One site I found said to just rename the extension to .AVI, but that didn't work as expected on another computer. This Windows 7 Dell is opening and playing them fine.


              After posting the question, I found a "similar" question in the box to the right and read over those reponses. You mentioned taking 32 VHS tapes and distilling them down to one or two DVDs for a client. That's close to what I need to do.


              I'd more likely tackle one or two VHS tapes at a time, vs trying to do it to all 40 tapes in bulk. Capture, trim, and save the best clips, then burn the DVD and delete all the unnecessary old raw footage.


              Thanks again,

              M. Jackson

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                2ManyImages wrote:


                then burn the DVD and delete all the unnecessary old raw footage.

                With costs of data storage  perpetually falling I'd suggest you archive all that footage. The first thing I normally do (with still pictures) is copy them to CD or DVD. Then, no matter what processing occurs, I always have the original available. As far as video goes I'm at a halfway house of storing to external drives. Once Blu-Ray costs fall to a reasonable level I will use them for storage.


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