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    CFPOP and attachment

    plarts Level 1

      I am trying to read mail and get the attchment.

      then I use this code :


      <cfset at_path=#getdirectoryfrompath(GetTemplatePath())# & "attach\">
           <cfpop action="GETALL" name="GetMsg" messagenumber="#form.mail_id#" attachmentpath="#at_path#" generateuniquefilenames="Yes" server="#form.server#" username="#form.UserName#" password="#form.pwd#">


      I sent a mail with attachment to that email adress,

      I can read the mail sent, but the attachment file is not written on the server adress #at_path#


      Anybody can help ? Thanks, I do not see any mistake.

      (used on CFMX V7)



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          plarts Level 1

          I will answer it myself :

          here is what happens,

          the attached file comes up to the server a long tilme after having read the mail.

          When reading the mail, the attached file is not yet available.

          I do not know yet how long time after it comes.

          I will see it tomorrow.


          But this seems very strange ?

          Why this delay ?


          On a normal Mail Agent, the attached file comes at same time.


          I need to know what part does this delay ?


          Thanks, if anyone have an idea.

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            plarts Level 1

            I am sorry,

            yesterday I did not see my attachment via my FTP.

            And now I can see them at once.

            So my question was wrong.

            All is working fine.

            The used code is good, and the function is good.