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    Want to freeze several clips on out point / last frame

    reindeer4 Level 1

      I'm using PremierePro CS4.  I have a lip synched animation, but I'd like to change the timing for the video (both audio and video) to introduce a couple of pauses at specific points in the dialogue.  I've split the main audio and video clip into several smaller clips (still on the same channel of the timeline).


      I now need to extend the last frame of two of these clips so a single picture will hold for a second or two until the audio and lip synch picks back up.


      I've tried right clicking the clips and using Frame Hold with outpoint set, but that doesn't seem to be doing anything.  I still have an empty gap with no footage where I separated the clips.  If I drag the crop marker at the end of the clip to fill that gap, it doesn't stay n the Held frame, the lip synch animation just keeps playing forward.


      Can someone explain if Hold Frame is the right tool to use for my problem, and how to use it the right way?  (Or suggest some other method that's more appropriate)