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    DW CS4 MySQL Connection Problem


      I know this one has been covered before but i've been trawling through posts for the past 2 days and still haven't solved my problem.

      I remember from using MX Studio and Ultradev that setting up a connection could prove challenging. It seems that CS4 is just as user-unfriendly in this regard. I know that the settings i'm using for the connection must be correct as i'm using them to successfully connect to the database and display its records using a hand-coded page. I've tried disabling Kaspersky and Windows Firewall but to no avail. I noticed one difference between the php script that dw attempted to make and mine is that i'm using mysqli whereas the dw version just refers to mysql. When I click on the Select button to try and select the database i just get  "An unidentified error has occurred" - about as much use as a chocolate fireguard - well done to the dw development team for that pearl of wisdom. Is dw trying to find my databse somewhere where it's not located? I noticed that C:/InetPub and its subfolders are marked "read only" but when you uncheck this, it reverts to read only - i don't know if this may have something to do with my inability to set up a connection. I managed to manually set up MySQL, PHP and Apache without problems but this has got me beat. Is it bad design in dw or am i just stupid? Don't answer that! Any help would be greatly appreciated as i know there's a lot of good stuff in dw if i could only make a connection (and i'm on a 30 day trial with this) Why should something that looks so easy be so difficult! Thanks, Mark

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          pziecina Level 6



          Dreamweaver does not support the MySQLi connection, (or the pdo one). Check your php config has the standard MySQL connection script installed and use this for now, (don't know but maybe CS5 will support MySQLi or pdo ).




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            zooropa665 Level 1

            Hi PZ,

                     You're correct! I just managed to get my connection to work. I looked in my php.ini file and it only had extension=php_mysqli.dll at the bottom of the page (the dll file to which this refers was in the ext folder). So, I just added extension=php_mysql.dll to the end of the php.ini file then downloaded the PHP 5.2.13 zip package from http://www.php.net/downloads.php and then copied the file php_mysql.dll into the ext folder. I got the clue about mysqli not being supported after i'd carried out a Site > Advanced > Remove Connection scripts - that at least gave me a message "Your PHP Server doesn't have the MySQL module loaded or you cant use the mysql(p) connect functions" - before i did this i just got a useless "An unidentified error has occurred" which left me no further forward. Thanks for your help!

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              Oh and I probably am stupid to answer my own question but the doc

              umentation / information available when dealing with issues such as these is woeful (imo) - thank goodness

              we have many good people on this board to help out