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    "Show Transform Controls" Equivalent in Flash CS4? + Other Questions


      Hi everyone.


      I've been using Adobe Flash CS3 & CS4, and I still find it ridiculously hard to navigate around that Program sometimes, mainly when I have to deal with a Pre-made Flash website that needs Editing.


      Allot of people Label layers, Symbols, etc... poorly, so it's hard to find your way around.


      I would like to know if these is any Equivalent of "Show Transform Controls" (from Adobe Photoshop), in Adobe Flash CS4.


      I have loads of Layers to deal with, and the only way I can get to edit the Layer, is by double clicking on them, then I go to it's timeline and settings.


      Most of the times I can't even see some of these Layers/Buttons, as they appear invisible on the Stage/Preview Screen.


      How can I more easily Work with my Layers in Flash CS4?

      It would be allot easier, if I could click on the Layer in the Pallet, and see an outline of where it is on the Stage.

      Or if I could edit the settings of a Layer, by clicking something in the Layers Palette.



      I am also trying to figure out how I can change the color of an image to Black/White, I only know how to do this with the Motion Tween Option, that gradually changes the color over those given seconds. I don't want an animation, just permanent color change.


      Also when I am moving a Object in one layer,

      when I exit and view a different layer, I see that the "Shared" object also moved there too, which I do not want.

      Is there any way to unlink these by chance?


      Is any of this possible?

      Please reply soon someone.