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    Advice on setting up a video portfolio


      My company has 50 flv files that we regularly show to clients. I was planning to set up a website that had all 50 videos on it and the client could pick and choose what videos they want to watch by selecting thumbnails. The problem is that our account executives want to be able to choose what videos are available for them to watch, so they can't watch the entire library. I can't be chaning the interface for each client request, so I am thinking the account excutive could select from a list of videos and send them a link that only has those thumbnails of those videos on it.


      Any ideas on how this could be accomplished? It is kind of like having an interface for the account executives with a menu of movies, and then a different interface for the client to play the movies chosen for them in the order in which they choose. It would dynamically build according to the account executives selections.


      If anyone can point me in a direction to start, that would be helpful. An example of something similar would be of even greater help.



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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you'll need a database that associates each client with their list of viewable videos.  you can use xml for that database or even maintain the database within your flash app but there several reasons to keep the database outside flash.  and, you may want to a database that allows use of a query language.


          you can use a query string appended to each client's link to your app but you may want to consider having clients log-in to access their videos especially if there's a good reason clients should not see particular videos.

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            richhennosy Level 1

            Any samples of this?

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              DigitalArchitectCanada Level 3

              Yeah its not really the kind of thing where  you're gonna find a downloadable example. If you want help I could do it but it's going to take enough time that 10 points on a forum isn't gonna be worth it! lol. I can help if you want though PM me. Or, you if you've got time just start googling. You'll need:



              A flash app that can post an XML playlist to PHP


              a PHP script to catch XML and a user ID and write them to a database


              a mysql database with a users table and a videos table. You'll either need to store the videos in the database as BLOB files or store URLS to the videos hidden somewhere in a folder that is world only readable


              a php script that will accept a username and password, do a lookup of the user and return the XML map of availble videos they can watch


              another php script that will accept a username and password and a video name, authenticate the request, lookup the file in the database or a reference to the file from the database and return the file in a stream back to flash.


              and of course lastly you'll need the actual video player which will get ask the user to log in or get their credentials elsewhere and make requests to the above two php scripts.