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    Annoying editor bugs - anyone?

    redtopia Level 1

      I thought I would start a discussion of annoying editor bugs that others may be having. I think most of the crashing problems have been fixed, which hopefully means that some of these editor problems will be fixed next (ESPECIALLY #1). If anyone knows a work-around or fix for any of these, please post.


      1. Editing long lines of text is completely broken. If you scroll to the right to make an edit, then type in a few characters, the editor scrolls back to the left margin.


      2. Entering a single or double quote while typing sometimes auto-inserts a matching end quote. It happens most frequently when typing a <cfif> statement, such as <cfif x = "y">, but it happens intermittently. I just tried it in a comment block, and it happened, then I made a bunch of edits, and tried again in the same comment block, and it didn't happen. I've turned off all auto-inserts, so the editor should never auto-insert anything.


      3. After typing, the background flashes an off-white color. Seems like it's happening when the syntax checker is running in the background.


      4. Code assist shows up and then dissappears when making a selection  in the code assist window, and you have to ctl-space to get it to open  again and stay open. Sometimes code assist doesn't open at all. Might be  a code-assist setting issue, but out of the box, this is how it works. Code assist rarely works when you break a <cffunction> or <cfmodule> on to multiple lines.

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          hemant_k Employee Moderator

          We are investigating issue #1. Please make sure that other bugs are logged in the bug tracker and we will look at them.




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            Dipanwita S Level 1



            Just wanted to add here that we do have a bug for #3. Bug no. - 82111. The current workaround is to set the same background color for both HTML and CFML editor in preferences.




            Adobe ColdFusion Builder Team

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              Another item I would add is the issue with the code folding.  I have had this happen to me several time and I believe others have reported it as well.


              What happens is that if you have a cfml page and you collapse a section of code and begin typing in a different section the original folded section gets "unfolded" which also throws off your typing position.  Very distracting.  This issue has been reported before beta 3 came out and perhaps earlier.  Look at bug #80598.  I hope this gets fixed before final release as it completely defeats the purpose of using cold folding.


              @Adobe CF Builder team -  Will this get fixed by final release time ?

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                redtopia Level 1

                Bug #2 that I listed (auto insert of closing quote when auto-insertion is off) is sometimes hard to replicate. I was able to replicate it most frequently with the following snippet:


                <cfdump var="#theStruct#"


                It happened several times when I deleted the right side of the variable name using the backspace key and then re-typed the variable name and added a closing quote. Sometimes the editor added an extra quote as if it's trying to close the end quote I just added. This happens a lot during the day... maybe even up to a hundred times a day when I'm writing a lot of code. And the problem is made even worse because deleting the extra quote isn't that easy. Using the backspace key to delete the quote that I typed (that caused the extra quote to appear) causes the extra quote to disappear as well. So I have to forward space and then back space to get rid of the extra quote, or backspace and then hit the quote again.


                It may be important to note that my Code Assist settings are: auto-insert an equals sign and automatically quote attributes with a double quote. But this bug might not have anything to do with Code Assist since the Code Assist window is never opened or involved in any way, and it also happens with single quotes. I have not tried disabling these Code Assist settings yet, but I'll do that now and report back.


                I would like to participate in the bug database, but my username/password doesn't work because the bug database requires that your username is an email address, which mine is not. Can you please let me know how I can access the bug database to post bug reports?



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                  redtopia Level 1

                  The auto-close quote mark bug happens most often when I type something like this:


                  <cfif theString NEQ "


                  After typing the first quote, the editor adds the closing quote. Auto insert of closing quote is OFF in the prefs.


                  This doesn't happen all the time... only sometimes, and I think it mostly happens when the editor is confused because the file doesn't parse correctly, due to the fact that the file is being edited, and is in a temporarily invalid state.

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                    hemant_k Employee Moderator

                    We are currenlty investigating the issue and depending upon the progress on the fix we will try to make it quickly available.


                    Thanks for your feedback and help in making the product better.