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    Can't pause flv while loading

    elucan Level 1
      I am running MX 2004 and while using the mediacontroller and mediadisplay component I am unable to pause an .flv while it is loading. Once it is completely loaded, the pause button works as normal, but while it is loading, then it wont pause.

      I think it is because of the actionscript I have for the preloader that tells the video to play when it is more than 10% loaded - I think this is overriding the pause button. Any ideas on a fix?

      var myProgressListener = new Object();
      myProgressListener.progress = function() {
      myBytes = Math.round((video.bytesLoaded/video.bytesTotal)*100);
      textbox.text = "loading "+myBytes+"%";
      if (myBytes > 10) {
      textbox.text = "";
      video.addEventListener("progress", myProgressListener)