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    *URGENT* TextInput within itemRenderer collapsing whitespace (in AIR only?)


      Hey everyone, been banging head against an AIR project we are working on.


      Was able to recreate the problem consistently, reference the attached FXP file (simple item renderer with a nested textinput).




      Problem: Works fine in browser, but when open in Flash Builder, and project type is changed to a desktop application (AIR) we lose the ability to add spaces in the textinput.


      All whitespace settings appear to be marked as "preserved" in the mxml, I have not been able to fix it.  Also, textinput components elsewhere in the AIR app work fine, but when dragged into the itemRenderer the exhibit the same behavior.


      To recreate: Simply download the fxp, import into flash builder, change project type to "desktop application", and blam.


      If anyone has any idea how to solve this I'm staring at a deadline counting down and can only thing to drastically redesign this portion of our App to make it work without nesting textinputs inline the itemRenderer (nightmare).


      Many thanks my awesome friends in the Adobe dev community,