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    LocalConnection failing due to size of arrays being sent?

      Hi there,

      I have two swf's running a fairly complex ship-themed game, one with the logic/UI and the other as a 'presentation' screen. The logic swf is sending the presentation swf an object that contains several arrays (that contain either strings or numbers). This is sent at the start of each round of gameplay. The size of the arrays grows, as more ships are spawned in the game. The problem I've run into, is that whenever my 56th ship spawns, the LocalConnection fails to send any data. 55 ships is fine, but as soon as we hit 56 it stops cold.

      I have been unable to find any sort of information on the limits of the amount of data that can be sent over LC - I'm really only sending a few small arrays of strings, not that much after all. Also I've found it enormously difficult to debug as flash wont throw up any errors in the output window, nor does there seem to be any way of monitoring the 'bandwidth' being sent over LocalConnection. So really I'm fighting bind here!

      I would really appreciate any help!