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    Using AddItem from A repeater Component item to Add Items to a 'Shopping Cart'

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      In my app I previously used a product choice tilelist to display all my products and then as each product is clicked a product details screen popped up showing all of that product's details but my client decided he wants all of the items to be displayed at once so I had to simply use a repeater component around the original product details screen so that it repeats the screen for every product one below the other and I've scrapped the product choice tilelist.


      Previously I used to be able to add item's to a cart/array collection dataprovider by clicking the add item to cart button within the product details screen using the additem method but this needs to be done by assigning text properties to variables as far as I know because you can't put text values into a array collection but it doesn't seem possible to do this from within a repeater item.


      In each of my repeater items I have the values productPrice, productImage, productAddon1 and productAddon2 which are all text components which obviously all vary depending on the repeater item. What I need is when I click on the add item to cart buttons inside each item in the repeater for these details (text component text properties) of that particular item to be added to an array collection. How can I go about doing this?


      Basically the objective is to get dynamic text values from within items of a repeater component into an array collection. Is this possible?