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    asdoc build failure


      I apologize if I am posting to the wrong forum, or my question does not make sense


      I am a release engineer in a development who is writing flex/air application

      I have no previous experience with flash in the past, and I am asked to generate flex doc using asdoc


      This is the error I am dealing with


           [exec] C:\build\Rim2G\client\RimProjectCommon\build.temp\asdoc\com\amdocs\f
      ramework\components\SimpleFluidListContainerBase.as(150): col: 38 Error: Type wa
      s not found or was not a compile-time constant: Event.
           [exec]                     protected function onResize(event:Event):void
           [exec]                                                       ^


      My question is: where is event type defined?


      Here's my asdoc command line

      asdoc.exe +configname=air -source-path <my source dir> -doc-sources <my source dir> -source-path %FLEX_HOME%\frameworks\projects\framework\src -library-path <my lib path> -library-path %FLEX_HOME%\frameworks\libs\air -library-path %FLEX_HOME%\frameworks\libs -output <asdoc output dir>


      If there's a more appropriate forum for this question, please let me know




      KK Fong