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    Adding Numeric Variables


      I would like to add several numeric variables together and have the result placed in another variable.  I would also like this to happen automatically as the user inputs numbers into the input fields.


      On the stage I placed two input text fields and named them "score1" and "score2".  I also placed a dynamic text field on the stage and named it "total"


      the actionscript I am using is


      total = (score1+score2)


      If I input in text field score1 "6"  and I input in text field score2 "8"  I get a result in the total text field of 68, when I am expecting 14.


      If I use any other operator (subtract, multiply, divide etc.) it calculates correctly, so I'm pretty sure it has to do with somehow declaring that  the variables are to be declared as a number, but I am unsure how to do  that in this example.


      Any help would be appreciated.