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    External Monitoring...how is it for you and what for the future (CS5)

    shooternz Level 6

      With the prospect of CS5 on the horizon and many of us considering it as the opportunity to up spec O.S,, software and hardware simultaneously (largely due to 64-bit)...I am wondering how everyone is getting on with their external monitoring solutions and what the expectation is for CS5.


      In my opinion the way it is now (in CS4) is less than professional and needs sorting out (hopefully in CS5).


      Issues are : Video / audio / synching internal and external devices so all play together.


      Premiere Pro runs two playback / preview systems : One for scrubbing and source monitoring;  the other for Program playback /preview.

      (Example : Observe how and when audio plays through the audio mixer or observe what and when video plays through external or internal monitor...then note what happens when you PUSH PLAY - spacebar)


      Without repeating the problems in depth, I would like to say how I wish it worked for me as an editor in a Pro environment with clients that  sit in my suite as we work together.


      I have  a two monitor NLE set up plus one external for client viewing (and also for grading /CC).


      I need the External Monitor (Video & Audio)  and the Internal Monitor (Video and Audio) to playdown together.  I dont want one to stop and the other to function.


      I want them both working simultaneously playing video and audio.  Am I supposed to get out of my chair to wander over to the client monitor to see the changes we just discussed then I actioned in the timeline?  !!!!!!


      A feature request : I would also like to be able to access the Playback Monitoring via Shortcut keys or On Screen buttons.  It is very handy to be able to playback on the second monitor  but it should be defaulted at 100% (Not Fit - as per the Program Monitor)


      As regards HD.  One should not have to install 3rd Party cards to monitor HD externally.  The problem with that is one then needs to use the Presets from that card manufacturer.  The Presets , eg P2 work so well in PPRO...so why do we need to mess with 3rd party drivers just to monitor.

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