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    Fixed Width Area To Place All Page Elements


      I have a background that I've saved as a template. Now I want to add an area to it that'll be fixed width and stay centered; much like the look of most blogs.


      What do I do to make an area into which I can put the content of various pages?

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To center a web page you need three things:


          1) A valid document type (HTML or XHTML).  DW does this automatically when you create a new page.

          2) A container width in pixels, % or ems,

          3) A margin-left and margin-right of auto (browser defined width).


          So the CSS code for a fixed-width, centered layout would look like this:


          body {

          background: url (your-BG-image.jpg;

          text-align: center /**centers in older browsers**/


          #wrapper {

          width: 900px; /**adjust width as needed**/

          margin: 0 auto; /**centers modern browsers**/

          text-align: left;



          HTML code:



          <div id="wrapper">

          All your page content goes here...

          </div>  <!--end of wrapper-->




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