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    Issue with importing layered PSD file into Flash.


      Hi all,


      I'm having a problem with importing a layered PSD file into Flash, an issue which i've read about in a number of

      forums but haven't yet been able to fix.


      The content of the PSD file in question is numerous layers of line drawing which I am importing to the Stage and

      converting to keyframes in Flash. The layers have no white background and are clear but for the lines of drawing.


      The problem I'm having is that the first layer of the PSD file imports perfectly, with its quality intact, but all those

      which follow it are distorted and jagged, and look pretty awful for some reason.


      I have experimented with both lossy (set at 100) and lossless compressions to try and improve the layer quality,

      lossless is marginally better but not the best.


      Any help as to why this occurs to all layers but the first, and how I can overcome it would be greatly appreciated,