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    Assigning an instance of an object of a subclass of the class which was the declared type of the variable being assigned

      Is some thing like the following not valid in Action Script

      package myPackage
      public class myClass
      public function myFunction(xQuestion:XML):void
      var oQuestion:Question;// notice this
      // or var oQuestion;

      if (xQuestion.name() == "QUESTION_MULTIPLECHOICE") {
      oQuestion:QuestionMultipleChoice = new QuestionMultipleChoice();// assigning a value to it
      } else if (xQuestion.name() == "QUESTION_MULTIPLEANSWER") {
      oQuestion:QuestionMultipleAnswer = new QuestionMultipleAnswer();
      }//eND OF FUNCTION
      }//End of class
      }//end of package

      That is declaring a variable
      QuestionMultipleChoice, and are inherited from Question

      It shows an error saying

      1067: Implicit coercion of a value of type assessmentbuilder:QuestionMultipleChoice to an unrelated type Class.