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    Elements 7 minimizes on file load




      Hoping someone can help.  I have PE 7 and on my desktop and have used it without any significant issue for the last year.  My system is XP 3.3. GHz 2GB Ram.  While not an ideal setup, the program has worked fine until today.  About to work on a new file, I decided to delete all of the video files out of my organizer today (elements was up and running...I just selected the files, hit delete, etc), closed the program and then went back to it later.  Now, when I open a .prel file or try to create a new one, it starts to load (or create) and then all of a sudden the window minimizes.  I click on the minimized window to bring it back up and it won't do anything..stays minimized.  I hit ctrl-alt-del to see if it is listed as running or not responding and it says running.  If I right-click on the minimized window and hot "close" it closes instead of saying it is not running and getting the "end now" option.


      I tried rebooting, etc. and still same thing.  Premiere Elements will load, and then once I create new file or edit existing, the entire program minimizes and esentially "freezes"


      Any ideas on what would be causing this?!  The program cannot be run at all now. 


      Thanks in advance!