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    Issues "Importing Fireworks HTML"...




      I am creating a website in Dreamweaver CS3, and I am currently having some issues importing Fireworks HTML.


      Here's some background information with my project...


      I began with creating an HTML template in dreamweaver. I then created a Fireworks project with an Image Swap and a drop down menu. I then exported the Fireworks project into HTML (which I used the "Use CSS for Popup Menus" option in the export options). After I use the "Import Fireworks HTML" on my Dreamweaver template in Dreamweaver CS3, the popup menus from the fireworks HTML is placed in very odd positions on the template.


      Here are a few pictures to show you what I mean:


      This is the exported Fireworks HTML all by itself, in the correct positioning...

      Picture 3.png


      This is what it looks like after I use the "Import Fireworks HTML" option in Dreamweaver...

      Picture 2.png



      Anyway, in the second picture you can see that I have multiple icons, and these icons also have Fireworks-created popup menus. When I import these separate Fireworks-HTML-created icons individually, it is a non-issue.


      Is there a workaround for this issue? Or is this the first time anybody has seen this??


      Any answers would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks all!!