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    Help with video in Flex - Alternative to embedding .flv?


      I'm building a Flex application that needs to play a video, which I have in .flv format.  I tried the mx:VideoDisplay component, and it was great, but, unfortunately, I need to be able to package the entire application into a single file, and Flex doesn't support embedding .flv files.  Next I tried converting the .flv to a .swf, embedding that, then using mx:SWFLoader to display it.  This worked, except that I can no longer control the video playback; the video just keeps endlessly looping.  I need to be able to stop the video, and ideally I would like access to something like the complete event from mx:VideoDisplay, so that I can hide the video when it has reached the end.


      I have tried a couple of solutions based around the idea that the content of the .swf can be treated as a MovieClip, but none of these worked for me.  Any ideas?