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    Conversion from AS3 to AS2

    nozzza21 Level 1

      Hi i am doing a project at school and i am trying to assign a behaviour to one of my buttons, we are currnetly using Flash CS3 and i have done all my drawings in AS3. Our teacher has not learnt how to use this and told me i need to redo two weks work in AS2. Is there any way that i can convert it into AS2 or do i have to do the work again??

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Have you done any actionscript coding in the file, if so show an example?  You mentioned having done all your drawings in AS3, but are those drawn with drawing tools or created with actionscript code?  If there isn't anything significant in the way of actionscript code, you may be able to simply change the publish settings to be AS2.