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    Printing Template

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      Is it possible to create a DVD cover printing template in Illustrator like Freehand? I mean the template can be easily be reused next time simply by loading the image or photoshop file into the specific part of the template like in Freehand. Is it possible to do that in Illustrator? How?

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          Neeraj N-LscgRS Level 2

          I am not too conversant with Freehand, but here's the template-way of working in Ai. As the dimensions of the cover are same for different artworks, you can make use of the Illustrator's template format to set the basics in place and then use this template to create new documents for each new artwork.


          - Create an Ai document that has dimensions and basic elements of the DVD cover in place. Like guides, fold-lines, boarders, boxes for images etc.

          - Save the file in .ait format.


          When working on a new DVD cover, open this template (saved in .ait format). It would create a new document out of it, without disturbing the original. Use this template to create new documents as many times.There are some sample templates that get installed with the application in the folder named 'Cool Extras". I'm sure you'll find something useful there.


          And if you need new documents for DVD covers too often, try using it as a Document Profile. To do so:

          - Create a new document from the .ait file.

          - Save it as .ai file in the location below:

          Mac : {user}:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Adobe Illustrator CS4:{lang}:New Document Profiles
          Win : {drive}\Documents and Settings\{user}\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Illustrator CS4 Settings\{lang}\New Document Profiles


          Next time when you bring up the New Document dialog, you'll see that the list of document profiles has your file there. Use it to create a new document.





          - Neeraj

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            Yue_Hong Level 1

            Thnaks Neeraj N,


            I guess maybe I should be asking, does Illustrator have the functionality to load other document like photoshop or image file into specific location in the Illustrator document? For example, I have created a DVD cover template in Illustrator which include front, side, and back of the cover. Is there a way that I can easily load the content let say front cover which I designed in Photoshop into the "front area" which I have prepared in the template? In Freehand, I can easily do so by click on the "front area" in the document, and then load the photoshop file. Freehand will automatically load the file into the "front area". Even if I loaded the bigger sized image, the image will only show in the "front area". Is it possible to do that in Illustrator?