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    date and time chooser (calender)


      is there any way or controler or can the DateField (Calender Chooser) be modefied and add to it time chooser as date ?


      pleasssssss help


      i did that


      i want to edit and retreve the  date and time in my formitem wich is datefield type .


      i did that :

      a dataformatter :


      <mx1:DateFormatter id="df" formatString="DD/MM/YYYY at  L:NN:QQQ  A"/>



      and  one of my timestamp fields is like that :

                                <mx1:FormItem label="Delevery Date">

                                   <mx1:DateField id="new_Del_DateDateField"  selectedDate="@{eXPJOURNAL.New_Del_Date}"

                                                      height="18" width="150" formatString="DD/MM/YYYY at L:NN:QQQ A"


      and its  working well , But what i want is whin the user put the cursor on the L  or on the NN or on the QQQ or the A to give him

      any kind of  solution to just chang what he klicked and selected or by anather words  is there any why by rendering the item or whatever

      to make the  user eazly chose the time or writ it  ????