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    Error message: Display performance will be poor due to incorrectly operating graphics card or driver




      I've been getting this message lately, using clips of .avi footage from a non-HD Flip Video camcorder. First off, my computer has beyond what I'd need to edit this footage—it's an HP dv 3085dx notebook with 6 gigs of DDR3, Intel Core i7 processor, NVidia GeForce GT230M graphics card. It's a loaded machine. That's not the problem.


      The problem is that the red circle with the X in the lower left-hand corner of the screen shows up and gives me this message moments after I start each new project. However, when I click on it, the message is grayed out and it doesn't give me the option of checking the details. Read on to find out how this is affecting my videos....


      When I playback unrendered clips, the playback works fine. After rendering, however, the clips play back with jerky glitches and flashes that weren't there during playback of the unrendered footage. I've downloaded the latest driver (195.81), and that hasn't improved anything. Here's a link to a video I posted on YouTube, to illustrate the types of glitches I've been getting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFeCh6q1JTQ The glitches are particularly apparent during the stretch between 0:20 and 0:28.


      I'm still pretty new to this craft (read: I haven't tried other software yet), so any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.




      P.S. Might there be some downloadable Premiere Elements software updates that would alleviate the problem?