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    concern during the creation of a menu contextual

      Hello has all, I am a french developer using Flex/ActionScript for the development of application to work.
      I have a concern during the creation of a menu contextual.
      I have could contater that a contextMenuItem with the value “delete” is not posted in my menu contextual.

      Sample :

      var myContextMenu : ContextMenu() = new ContextMenu();
      var customItemsArr : Array = new Array();
      var item : ContextMenuItem = new ContextMenuItem("supprimer");
      item.addEventListener(ContextMenuEvent.MENU_ITEM_SELECT, deleteHandler);
      myContextMenu.customItems = customItemsArr;

      on the other hand the same code with a different value that to delete will be taken into account.
      Is this an error of my share??
      Does Y have you it of another words which are not to accept in a menu contextual (nothing on this subject is specified in the api one)??
      thank you for your answer