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    AS2 Component Width Problem


      I was just wondering if anyones come across a problem similar to the one below, and could possibly provide a solution. I'll try my best to explain what it is I'm trying to achieve.

      Basically I'm building a html creator in flash that allows users to create a web page comprised of text, images, video and an mp3 player, the user builds the page using a toolbox where they can drag on images text boxes and components. I've managed to build the basic interface, and its more or less outputting a html page, and providing the user with a preview of how the page will look inside the flash interface. The way the flash preview is working is by storing all attributes of the seperate page assetts (width, height, imageURL etc) inside an array, a function is then running through the array and attaching movieclips to the stage and arranging them in the order they were added.

      The main issue I'm having is with components, I'm using components for the videos and mp3 player, but whenever a user adds one of these components, the asset previously added seems to inherit the components height, which is causing havoc with my div movieclips, it only ever seems to happen when a component is positioned dragged onto the template. Also I've noticed the video component comes complete with a crazy width that only seems to trigger when I perfom a rollover function on it??? Has anybody come across this kind of issue before, or can shed any light on what I could be doing wrong?