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    pagemaker installation huge problem... Really need help


      Good afternoon


      I´m here to find an solution to a problem that´s making me mad!

      I still have to work with adobe pagemaker (I already starter do work with  indesign though) cause i have old works of old clients that i have to open with.

      But a few days ago i was trying to open a .pmd file in pagemaker and it won´t work.

      So i trryed to open some other files and it did the same thing.

      I had no solution and i tryed to reinstall pagemaker7 again, but here is the huge problem.

      I uninstall it, and now i can install it again.I put the cd and click install and nothing happens.

      I tryed to explore the cd folder to run the set up of pagemaker, and nothing happens too...

      If there is someone that could help me i would apreceate...Im really needing it...:(