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    How Do I Get Form texts Edit it in Flex and Submit it




      I'm new in flex and web development. I mostly developed offline accouning systems and

      totally new to web development. When I saw flex, I thought that I've finally found the tool

      I can use in web development.


      Right now I'm thinking of a project but I'm stuck on something...


      How do you get values from an HTML page, load it in a flex window application

      have the user provide the value, fill up the captcha and send it back to the server.


      As an example, I want to create a keyword tool that would get a users keyword

      then get Google's recommended related keywords and then show the users the result.


      The step by step is like this...


      1. First I would ask a user for an input string

      2. I would go to google's external keyword tool

      3. Submit the user string on the textbox provided in Google's tool

      4. Get the Captcha displayed in Google's page and pop it up to

      my window application to be filled up by the user

      5. Return the values to google's keyword tool page

      6. Click the submit/query button on google's page

      7. get the returned contents from the page and present it to my



      Please give me an idea on this. I have minimal knowledge in web systems development

      and flex, though I've been programming accounting systems for 12 years now using

      a microsoft product.


      Your help would be much appreciated.