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    Why Adobe deprecated ASP.NET in Dreamweaver?


      I have read many threads in forums with people expressing dismay at Adobe deprecating support of ASP.NET  in Dreamweaver. However I can't find any reply from Adobe Developers/Experts explaining the rationale behind the decision. Can anyone point me to the official reasons why it was done? I know this is a fairly old topic, but I am being asked the question on a regular basis and can't find an official answer.

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          As I understand it it was because the update to the .net was announced too late to be included in CS4 and the Dreamweaver team decided to not have an old version of .net included. They did include the 'old' version as an extension for people to use if required, and this can be found in the dreamweaver installation / configuration / disabled features folder, (this is the program installation not the user config.).