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    Official Flash CS4 Exam Query.


      So I've been using Flash for a few years now and am looking to put my knowledge to the test.
      As such, I'm very interested in self studying for and sitting the Adobe "Rich Media Communication Using Flash CS4" exam. I'm aware that a few Universities in my area allow for self studying applicants to simply sit the exam for a one off fee as and when they are ready.

      It all sounds great, but I have a few questions and wondered if anyone might be able to shed some light:

      Could anyone tell me if the below book should provide me with any info required for the above exam?

      Also, just how intense and worthwhile is this exam? To be an 'Adobe Certified Associate' sounds like a great first step for me to take, is it as useful as it sounds? I'm not expecting to secure a job entirely off the back of an exam, but am hoping it will prove useful in the long term.

      Any tips/advice/info would be awesome and greatly appreciated!
      Thanks in advance.