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    iWeb to Dreamweaver

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      I agreed to host a website for a friend who's new to web design. She designed the site in iWeb. When she had trouble publishing it, I downloaded her site to my computer, then published it with Dreamweaver - and it blew up in my face.


      Actually, the site seems to work OK now that we've got the pages in the right location (in the public_html folder and NOT in the folder "MySite.com"). The problem is that all the images, JS and CSS files have lowercase names, but the links all began with capital letters. So I simply changed the links to lower case, and that fixed the problem.


      But I'd like to understand what's going on here. Is iWeb case insensitive, which means trouble when you publish it to a Linux server? Or is it possible that the code was somehow altered when I imported it into Dreamweaver?


      I forgot to mention that some of the files contain spaces that were filled with %20 in the code. I fixed them by replacing every instance of %20 with an underscore. Anyway, I wondered if anyone might be able to suggest what the overall problem is here. My guess is that iWeb is simply case insensitive and tolerant of %20, whereas Linux servers are more particular.


      Another question: Many of the images are surrounded by attractive white borders with scalloped images on my computer - but these borders don't appear online. Each image is contained by a div that looks like this:


      <div style="height: 300px; width: 225px;  height: 300px; left: 446px; position: absolute; top: 134px; width: 225px; z-index: 1; " class="tinyText style_SkipStroke_3 stroke_0">


      I discovered that the scalloped borders disappear if I delete this: class="tinyText style_SkipStroke_3 stroke_0"


      But I don't understand exactly what it is. I don't see any class named "tinyText," "style_SkipStroke_3" or "stroke_0" in the associated CSS files. This does look vaguely familiar to me, but I can't remember exactly what sort of technology/program/language this is.


      Anyway, can anyone suggest how these scalloped borders are generated and why they don't appear online?


      I have another, more complicated JS question that I'll ask in a separate thread.



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          The %20 is caused by iWeb pages being imported into Dreamweaver as utf-8, but should not cause any problems in normal text just in links.


          The lack of border styles may be caused by missing javascript or image files, or that this style of border is css3 which is implemented in Safari and now in Firefox, (can be emulated using javascript), without seeing the code for the class I cannot help further although the fact it is being used in an absolute positioned element does point to it being javascript/image generated.


          The class may be in the javascript file not the css.