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    Embedding flash blocking content

    budge_frownie Level 1

      Hey all, I just finished creating/testing and uploading a flash file to my media server. However because I wanted it to stay a constant size and centred on peoples screens I embedded the flash file into an html page using dreamweaver. Everything still worked fine except for one function. My contact movie clip (mail_mc) had a getURL function ("mailto:etcetc");


      This functioned fine in the swf but upon embedding I lost the ability to make a mail message box open up. Is there a reason this happened and are they are any work arounds?



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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          Do not use the "button" symbol. Use "movieclip" symbol as your button. Or place the code on the timeline if you can't avoid using the button:


          myButton.onPress = function( )





          Edit: I see you used a movieclip. Most likely that used to be a button and you converted that to a movieclip (by simply changing it in the library) which does not change its behavior from button to movieclip. Anyhow, use the code above to fix your problem.