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    Dreamweaver ignoring <cfquery> on tag close?

    ericbegins Level 1

      Just recently upgraded to CS4.  I've always had my preferences set to close the nearest open tag whenenver I type "</".  For some reason, it is ignoring the <cfquery> tag, which has led to several errors in the format of:






      It goes to close the nearest tag, ignores cfquery and closes cffunction.  I checked a co-worker's machine and it does the same thing.  He has his set to automatically close a tag whenever he opens it - ie, <cfoutput></cfoutput>.  When he types <cfquery>, he immediately gets the pull down list of closing tags, rather than the automatic </cfquery>.  We changed his preferences to match mine and it did the same thing.


      I've ran the update tool and CS4 is up to date.  Any ideas?