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    Working on RoboHelp 8 Files on a Company Server

    suzieshell Level 1



      Our technical communication team will soon be upgrading to RoboHelp 8. Most of the group is still on 5 and a few on 7. While on 5, and previous versions, we were able to create, work, and save our webhelp projects on one of our company's servers. We do not have Robohelp Server. While working on 7, I was unable to create, open, work, or save my R-file on our company's server/network (I expected this behavior), however one of the other folk's on the team using 7 successfully worked on multiple projects across the network on a company server. The person in our group who is now testing R8 says that he has been able to create new files, open previously created files, save, etc. on the comany's server without a problem. Does anyone have a good understanding of what the repercussions are of doing this and why it has been advised that you don't work R-projects across a company server? I've read through multiple discussions, checked Peter Grainge's site, and googled the question, but can't seem to find an answer. Perhaps I'm not searching for the right phrase or terms or not extensively enough?? Sorry if this topic has been covered and is being repeated. Any help in understanding would be appreciated.


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