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    Product catalogue


      Please help me out....


      I have a Dreamweaver site that I am happy with.

      I add products manually in tables etc and then behaviour to create a pop that will show a bigger pic and more info etc.

      This is very time consuming and I have really tried to find an easier solution.


      I have setup both Drupal, OS Commerce, tried Spry, lightbox etc

      Googled for scripts, cart plugins etc.


      I always end up sticking with Dreamweaver since I feel I have total control and it loads fast etc.


      What is the easiest way to implement a "product cart" function/product catalog on a specific html page.

      I need smaller thumbs that will show products and when you click that thumb you will get a bigger img or preferably that you can select between

      2-3 imgs like many carts do and with som info tex. Pretty standard concept !


      I want this to be a database drivern thing or pulled from an xcel file or so so I easily can add products and it will update automatically.


      I dont need the actual cart function. Adding products to cart , checkout etc.

      Just need to show the products in a similar way.


      I want to implement this on certain pages on my website so I dont need a plugin/software for a full online shop.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I have spent soo much time trying to find a solution that is solid and easy.




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          bregent Most Valuable Participant

          If you want to build this yourself, then you need to become familiar with database design concepts and server side scripting languages. If you don't, then search the web for 'product catalog scripts' and include the scripting language you want to use. There's plenty available.

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            actionscafe Level 1



            You didn't mention whether you were looking for a free or commercial solution so this might be of interest to you. I have two Behaviors that can be used to display product images with captions, or full product detail pages, when a thumbnail is clicked. CyberGallery and PeekaBoo.


            CyberGallery displays a large image inside an AP Div when a thumbnail is clicked. You can include an optional caption with the image. The captions are kept in an editable Javascript file that is linked to the product page and uploaded to your site. Captions can be any number of lines and can include HTML mark-up tags such as <br> <p> <H1> etc. You still have to link each thumbnail to a large display image, and type caption text, but you'd have to do this in a data base driven scheme anyway.


            PeekaBoo is a Behavior for displaying Flyouts. This can be used to display a product details page for certain products. The page is displayed inside an AP Div containing an iFrame. The flyout can appear at X-Y coordinates, or near the cursor, or centred in the browser window. This set up can include scroll bars for lengthy detail pages. Each thumbnail has the PaB Behavior linked to it where display options are selected.


            These are not data base driven solutions, but they might be of interest to you if you can't find what you're looking for.


            There are two QuickTime demo movies at http://www.actionscafe.com/demos/CGdemo.mov and http://www.actionscafe.com/demos/PaBdemo.mov. These will give you some idea of how they work.


            Contact me at http://www.actionscafe.com/ if you have any questions.

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              Lombiz Level 1

              Thanks for all the answers but I cannot find a good easy DM cart plugin.


              I found some for $200-400 but without trial.

              I am not paying without having a clue if it works.


              I am moving over to Joomla unless someone has a last idea


              Still thanks for all help !