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    Digital Editions Authorize Computer issue

    jakobox99 Level 1

      I have several purchased books that I currently can read on a computer that has a non authorized version of digital editions.


      I want to buy some more books that I will need to be able to read on both that computer, and a laptop. So I figure that I need an authorized version of digital editions on both computers.


      When I go to authorize the first computer, I get the message:


      "Warning: If you have protected items in your Digital Editions library on this computer, they will no longer be readable"


      So I'm worried that I will loose all of my previously purchased books.


      This seems like a software/DRM bug on behalf of the software (even if it won't let me share the pre-authorization books, I shouldn't *loose* them if I authorize my computer. sheesh.


      Does anyone have a good solution here?


      I've been in touch with tech support for several days, but they are very slow to respond... and don't even seem to write in English very well.


      thanks for any help!